Monday, 30 November 2015

Wayfinding ideas: Feedback

In the first formative feedback I made some questions without letting the others know what I am going to work on. For this I got 3 questions:

1.- Small signage vs Big signage. What connotations (not uses) do you think they have?

The answers I got for this question where over all relating the size of the signage with the signage of the area where these signs would be. Distances also are an important fact to consider when choosing sizes. Someone also pointed out that small signage are for not so important areas whereas big signs often indicate the most popular/busy/important areas.

2.- Is there any other way of signage you could think of without using arrows?

Answer: Anamorphic typography, a clever system design by dots, which I took it a little bit further and just to use two lines to represent the corners of a square. Also colour schemes was a suggestion I was considering after realising that Graphic Design section in College is the only one with different lighting, which it's quite easy to identify.

3.- It's the first time you are in a building. how do you expect to quickly find what you are looking for?

The answerers claimed that the first reaction is to look for wall signage. Probably signage on the ceiling or floors are effective as well, depending on the limitations, but the walls are where our eyes first look at.

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