Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Thoughtless: Formative Feedback

During the first formative feedback session there was no objections or comments to my idea of taking Death Note example and use its characteristics to make my own design.

On the second formative feedback session there was more interesting feedback. After presenting different ideas with Garamond showing how the design can go from subtle to a more obvious modification I was told a very useful indication: to identify if it is going to be for a title of body text. That identification let me know if I could go even further with modifications or stay more subtle.

I really wanted to use more complicated grids in order to put more order in chaos to the design. So I asked if I should do that or if I should keep them simple. I was told that it depended if the typeface was going to be for a body text or for a title. If it needs to be legible more rules should be applied, while if it is going to be for a title it does not necessarily have to have strict rules.

I also asked friends to have an outsider point of view and that also help me to identify the most obvious problems, such as the scariness the typeface acquired during the production process and it also was a relief to share my thoughts with an illustrator and knowing that he came up with the same solution as me: getting rid of the sharp shapes.

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