Friday, 13 November 2015

Thoughtless: Summative Feedback

These are the questions I ask in the summative feedback session:

1.- What kind of uses would you give to Thoughtless Serif? (Mention 3 at least, please).

- This 'face' lends itself to POSTERS with limited message size. Children Books and informal use. Very specific 'face' needs careful thought.

- Publications e.g. books covers, magazine titles, etc children books, horror books.

- Storybook cover, accessories, vintage floral dress brand.

- Reminds me of 'A series of unfortunate events', kids books, cartoons.

- Spooky, horror children-s book. Film posters + adverts.

- At a fun fair?

- Album covers, children books, horror movie titles/credits.

- Poetry!

- Skateboard design.

2.- Despite its irregularities, would you consider using this typeface in a body text or just for titles? Why?

- This could be body text with very limited paragraph sizes - Kids books, etc. - even digital.

- Just titles. Kids books used as titles but not for them to read in body type.

- I think only for titles as while using it in a body of text would not be readable.

- I think maybe it-s not suitable for body text, but it will be perfect for titles or tags.

- Just title, large blocks of text would look too distorted.

- Display only - may become confusing at a small scale. Legibility issue.

- Could be used in body text if the context is right.

(Many other comments saying essentially the same)

3.- i found it very hard to get rid of the scary look. Do you think I could have done more? What exactly?

- Suggest 'Liquid' to me and a potential in book Jackets and Seasonal promotion.

- Add weight to the letters.

- Make them bold.

- Make the serif or edges rounder, like the 'S'.

- All about context and where it is used. Certain colour schemes and backgrounds have different effects.

- It looks really effective fitting to the horror theme - don't sway away from it, push it further!

- I think it doesn't seem too seamy and you have successfully done this.

- Difficult to visually represent thoughtlessness without using scary connotations, which are negative themselves.

- Try sans-serif.

(More comments with similar conclusions have been omitted)

Further comments:

- I can see where 'thoughtless' suggested the 'face' design and the randomness of the baselines.

The amount of comments pointing in the same direction have been really helpful to identify the characteristics of the typeface I designed. If I had to redesign it again I would definitely consider doing it bolder in order to get rid of the scary look and make it more legible.

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