Monday, 2 November 2015

Thoughtless: Manifesto

"Thoughtless is an irregular typeface that express unmindfulness and carelessness by an exaggerated enhancement of imperfections and alteration of smooth strokes. This serif font represents the intention of being careful when writing the letters but with an irremediable thoughtless nature. The asymmetrical and difficult-to-read nature makes it more suitable for titles than for body texts in post-modernist designs".

When building the manifesto I considered synonyms of Thoughtless: Incautious, Unwary, careless, unthinking, inconsiderate, unmindful, insensate, neglected, lackadaisical.

These are the conclusions I drew after having a clear image in my mind of what thoughtless is:

Note: I first chose Univers because of its general shapes that could allow to make variations more subtlety than wider typefaces like Helvetica or Berthold. but after some unsuccessful experimentation I wondered "Do I really want to make this typeface look relaxed?": Garamond. The enhancement of original imperfections can bring the thoughtless spirit to the typeface. For this reason the manifesto has been evolving since the beginning.

1.- Irregularity is the word that best represents in graphic terms the concept of thoughtless.
2.- Pattern of rotation either of parts or whole letter
3.- Pattern of rotation for negative space
3.- Baseline shifting
4.- Pattern of asymmetric wider and thinner strokes
5.- Pattern of asymmetric longer and shorter strokes
6.- Serif. A thougtless person would think everything is all right when it is clearly not, so modifications in serif would be noticeable but subtle. The serif body will bring that false order a thoughtless mind would believe in, as everything is going to be irregular.
7.- Garamond is the chosen typeface since it has subtle but irregular strokes and it is the one that cabring a sense of incompleteness or thoughtlessness in many subtle variations as the shapes are quite delicate. In other words, little modification or enhancements of these shapes would result in noticeable outcomes. With sans serif typefaces irregular variations would convey mere messiness.
8.- Because of its nature it is going to be more appropiate for titles than for body texts, as it is going to be more expressive than legible.
9.- Despite its irregularity keep it as consistent as possible to make it work as a set.

Elements that might be removed for simplification: rotation of strokes or letters, thickness alteration, general scale alteration, baseline shifting

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