Friday, 17 February 2017

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Key facts

A new choice is added every day (the Film of the Day) and the oldest film is removed, making sure the selection always stays fresh.

All 30 films are available to watch or download for 30 days.

It’s available to try for a month for free.
Beyond this, subscriptions are monthly
and yearly.


Personally, I don't like that an algorithm suggests me what to watch next based on my taste (which is usually based on what I watched or liked). I don't always want to watch something related to what I've watched or liked.

In order to convey what MUBI wants to convey, which is a more human behaviour, like a person who suggests you handpicked films instead of giving you infinite hours of entertainment, I think it needs a more enhanced human approach.

iPhone 7 trailer (kinetic text):


- Being able to customise a "friend", like in the film "her" (or maybe a tone of voice should be enough) that tells you about the film of the day.

-  Things I do when I want ideas to watch something new: check forums on internet, ask friends, watch first episode...

- Mubi is not a film storage software, but a constantly updated platform which aims to offer film lovers the best quality content. 30 films - 30 days. You can watch and DOWNLOAD. This needs to be emphasised, because many people like keeping films or watching them offline.

- This is not mere entertainment. MUBI is for the lovers, discoverers, nonconformists, critical thinkers,

- We treat MUBI users like human beings, not like a profile lost in an algorithm, sentenced to suffer shallow suggestions.

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