Friday, 17 February 2017

MUBI: Development

MUBI has on its branding guidelines strict indications of how their typeface and layout should be used and there are different posters and examples that illustrate this. In order to stick to those rules, creating a template will be very helpful and will limit the design decisions, making the process move forward not only much smoother, but in the way the client has demanded.

With the layout already set, in the guidelines there are no restrictions regarding the background. One of the ideas was using the logotype magnified with the colours of the brand in different positions.


Also used the circles of the logo to represent bulbs of old cinemas. The circles are of the same size as the logo to keep the consistency of the design. This is to appeal the audiences with cultural interests as the brief indicates, bringing back the experience of going to the cinema to watch something amazing. The problem with this design is that it looked too flat when the intention was being minimalist to be in the lines of the examples they've shown in their guidelines. "Switch and Watch" was one of the slogans that were thought for this campaign. Other ideas for this were: "we roll, not scroll", "Don't scroll, just watch", "Just watch", "No more scrolling", etc.

Instead of using lines like in the previous example, they were removed to fill the gaps with more dots. This made the text stand out more. Also, the format the bottom text is written in is taken from the template earlier created.

With the headline and the extra information at the bottom the design needs a attention-grabber for the body of the poster.

For this purpose the design will show an image and a witty quote alongside with it. They are like little stories or clever points about the three points MUBI wants to address: the absence of scrolling time in MUBI, the overrated value of access to infinite content and the pointlessness of algorithms as a way of recommendation.

As the body is going to cover this aspects, "switch and watch" was changed for "Mubi Night", which later on was modified to "It's Mubi Night" as the "it's" informs the audience about something that is happening, a title that doesn't necessarily address the problem. Also, "movie night" is a common expression in English to refer to a night at home alone or with close friends to spend a time together watching a movie. I thought about using this as a way to take advantage of this commonly used expression as a way to get the brand into the culture, like it has happened intentionally or accidentally in the past . Some examples are "Netflix and chill", "Just do it", "There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard", "I'm lovin' it", etc. Everytime someone says "Oh yeah, I'm lovin it" it's impossible not to think in Mc Donald's. The intention with this pun it's to create the same effect.

There will be different posters, and each one of them will have a different quote on it for the body. These are some of the quotes that has been selected after writing many and modifying them:

"WHY SPEND 4.9 DAYS A YEAR SCROLLING WHEN YOU CAN USE THAT TIME TO WATCH NEW CONTENT?" - With a picture of a computer mouse characterised saying: Leave me alone! Based on a series of videos that have become viral of everyday stuff with faces on it. This is the type of illustration that was used because of its friendly and widely accepted look.

"YOU WILL ONLY NEED ONE BUTTON" - This quote will go alongside a picture of a tv controller with only one button: play.

"AN ALGORITHM GIVES YOU HAY WHEN YOU NEED A NEEDLE. WE ONLY GIVE YOU THE BEST NEEDLES"- Showing a haystack or needles to support the quote.


In these designs the background is green, so the text doesn't necessarily have to be all white like the guidelines dictate. There are different colours for the different parts of the text to highlight what is more important.

The mouse in the images only represent the pictogram that needs to be designed yet.

In order to enhance the tone of voice of these quotes, the design needed a background. To identify what this could be, the question to answer is "What is being conveyed?". The answers were personal touch, exclusivity, independent film, hipster (despite its negative connotations, the kind of films this platform offers - independent -, its target audience and the tone of voice of the campaign can fit in this description), cultural, non-mainstream.

One of the ideas was to use a red velvet background due to its relation with the old cinemas, but it would probably convey the wrong message praising luxury or first class. Also, it is directly linked with the cinemas. Nowadays going to the cinema is not as popular as decades ago. People appreciate doing things in the warm of their own homes. Thinking about this, this is a conclusion that came up: "Popcorn is to cinema what blankets are to home streaming".

Different photographs of some hand-knitted blankets were taken. These blankets are very imperfect as they are made with wool leftovers by a grandma, and they have the cosiness the design was requiring.

The pictures were taken with light to make it look plain but also with a light from one of the sides to make it look like fire from a chimney or candles for a more cozy look.

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