Friday, 17 February 2017

Orchard pig research and first ideas

The first thing we did is sitting together to analyse the brief and make notes on what Orchard Pig want for their project.

Some facts gathered from research:
- #rootedinsomerset
- Get aesthetics from website, which is very creative
- Use this kind of method to attract more people
- Type of content they share
- Story of orchard pig:
- Studio that designed the brand:

Some interesting information gathered from an interview:

A hobby that took over to become a job.

We also wanted the Orchard Pig to have attitude and be mischievous, bold and fun – all things that we plan to be as we grow.

I spent a few years working for consumer giants Mars and Bacardi-Martini. Both taught me the importance of the brand. A great product is key, but with a strong brand – knowledge of who you are, what you stand for and where you want to go – you’re more likely to succeed. So from day one, Orchard Pig has embodied a resilience to problems that arise and a bloody-mindedness never to accept the status quo.

A strong brand essence enabled us to sell people more than just cider; we gave them Orchard Pig’s attitude.

What else? Remember that when it comes to funding, it’s important not to chase every pound – some funding options simply aren’t right for every business. (They are not greedy)

It was born in a period of recession

In general, it's clear that they want the tone of voice to be youthful, funny and cheeky, encouraging consumers to buy British products (or from Somerset). This is for a branding campaign that works across different media. They insist they are a cider with the spirit of beers.

These are some of the ideas I put over the table doing some brainstorming:

3D model a pig for pubs entrance.
Bottle with the shape of a pig.
Be creative with packaging and everything physically involved with the process of getting a beer.
Fun and shareable (that people feel related to and want to share its message) animation for a gif in social media.
Pig leg for pour point
Pig themed funny face-in-hole boards for selfies
Badass pig
Water is for fishes.

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