Thursday, 8 February 2018

Espamundi: Brand Expansion (Live brief) - Idea Generation

Espamundi's website needs to be positioned in Google and be known in social media. It was important to know what platform the client is already using and which ones she feels comfortable with.

To start with, the client is mostly active on Facebook. A Facebook page will be necessary to share the blogposts. Images for this social network will be created to engage and create a sense of familiarity. A constant activity coming from the same source gives a perception of a established business or platform.

Twitter could also be a valuable tool in terms of sharing content with specific hastags. This was an idea for the client, but she didn't want to use it because it's not a platform she is comfortable with and only wants to use those that she already knows how to use.

Instagram could also help in a different way to promote the website. This is a social network suggested by the client. We sat together to see how we could create an interesting feed for potential students or other tutors to share. Since Instagram displays the pictures in sets of 3, we could possibly take advantage of this in order to provide quick lessons about a specific topic. The client said that, since her lessons are not purely about grammar but also about the cultural aspects of the language, it could be interesting for Spanish students to see an instagram feed of Spanish idioms. No one seems to be doing this at the moment and it could be a very interesting approach.

The client also uses Gumtree to promote her lessons on a local scale. It'd be useful to align all the promotional and digital platforms with the same visual identity. At the moment, she only has a picture of herself. It also provides a space to include some of the important information featured at the website.

Alicia, the client, has also been invited to participate in a languages congress. I thought it'd be a good idea to create an animation of Espamundi's logo to apply to this video and to ones that might come out in the future. Something simple that serves as an introduction and establish the mood of the whole visual identity.

This sketches show how the information will be organised and delivered on Instagram, using each column for a different piece of information: the first one for the word, the central one for the idiom and the final one will contain an example.

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