Thursday, 15 February 2018

Branding Onic (Research lead) - Idea generation

For this design, timeless but that enhanced technology should be represented. I looked into Swiss Design books like "Josef Müller-Brockmann - Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design", "How to" by Michael Bierut and "100 years of Swiss Graphic design". This is a practice I want to focus my work on because I believe it provides timeless, clean and attractive outcomes. The books logo and logotype from Michael Evamy are also a great source of information for logos.

These are some of the logos that better represented similar values and missions.

I also checked some Behance work that it's relevant to the topic at hand.

Mane Tatoulian is a modernist and futurist graphic designer that conveys in a very clear way a sense of technology in some of her work.

The use of an ombré on the logo might be appropriate for Onic.

Diagrams and this type of layout bring a sense of science, precision and technology to the outcomes.

An example of futuristic packaging.

Metric 72 illustrations also make illustrations that have a futuristic feel to them. Although it goes all the way to sci-fi, there are some bits that could be rescued. The use of barely visible dots and thin lines clearly conveys connectivity

Typographic treatment that can be used. Unfinished, thin and long sans-serif could work for this project.

Adequate effects that inspire technology, speed and precision.

There is another projects from Mane Tatoulian that are worth mentioning due to their applications to the visual identity of a mobile operator.

The message for Onic would be to convey that they are one step ahead when it comes to technology, their main priority to deliver. These are some of the concepts for their message. Notice that many of them are as if Onic were speaking about themselves as a team. This is in order to find a greater connection with their target audience:

- A MVNO only for tech lovers
- We've suffer from early adopter syndrome
- Multi device king or queen
- Online life
- The cure for FOMO (Fear of missing out)
- Use a phone to the fullest
- Best playgrounds for programmers
- Paradise for programmers
- We [[f9.heart]] new phones
- You know they have no clue (speaking about the advantage of sense of superiority this type of audience have over others)
- Tell me who you go with and I'll tell you who you are
- Like to squeeze the potential out from a phone? So we do.
- The MVNO tailored for expert users.

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