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Branding Onic (Research lead) - Research


Business description

Orange is a French multinational telecommunications corporation. It has 256 million customers worldwide and employs 95,000 people in France, and 59,000 elsewhere. They have 269 millions of customers at 30th of September 2017.

In 2015, the group had revenue of €40 billion. The company’s head office is located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

With a project of generation of value based on the convergence, innovation, and quality of service, they are the second operator in the telecommunication Spanish market and one of the main foreign investors, with nearly 20 billion euros of accumulated investment, and hey keep dedicating more than the 20% of their income to investment.

Through their different brands - Orange, Jazztel, Amena and Simyo -, they count with more than 20 million customers in Spain.

Their mission, reflected in the strategic plan Essentials2020, is to connect everyone - people, families, companies... - with what is and will be fundamental in their lives. In short, as to how their leitmotiv points out, in Orange “we bring closer what’s important to you”.

To achieve this, their roadmap stands over 5 pillars:

The first one is to offer all customers the best possible connectivity to cover the new needs of a digital society. For that, they are investing in the new generation of home lines (fibre) and mobile (4G) with the objective of supporting the digital transformation of the economy and society.

The second one consists in re-inventing the relationship with their customers. For that, they are developing an updating program for their shops and they are also working in a multi-channel service to facilitate the transition from physical to digital of their customer and make their relationship with them closer and customised.

The third pillar is internal: they want to involve in this objective every employee that is part of the organisation, being human and digital at the same time.

The fourth level is focused on the business of Companies, where they want to be the partner of confidence.

Finally, in fifth place, they want to diversify and acquire a relevant role in new businesses such as big data, connected items, and mobile bank.


Orange is the owner of Jazztel, Amena, Symyo and now it has acquired Softonic. They want to keep the name due to its popularity, but despite the fact that the software online portal is going to be kept active the name needs to be more open to fit everything in. The visual identity and the new MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) also need to be aligned with Orange, their mission, values, etc. The new name is going to be the same, but without the "soft" for software. (Onic)

The objective is to encompass a new sector of the audience more focused on the benefits like the ones Softonic has been providing so far.

Market Analysis

Spanish telecommunications market experimented a considerable growth in 2014, both in mobile and landlines. After the operations of acquisitions and fusions carried out over the year, the market is divided mainly between Movistar, Vodafone and Orange despite all new operators.

Brand organisation

Portfolio Definition

Orange customers and clients enjoy products and services in mobile telecommunications, landline, broadband and TV.

On the mobile side, animal rates offer a portfolio with different solutions depending on the pattern the customer enjoys. This has had a remarkable welcome.

Moreover, they have low-cost choices through brands like Amena and Symyo.

Orange offers the service "Combine and save" that allows users to combine mobile rates with ADSL + calls, saving 10 euros per month forever.

For businesses, SMEs and self-employed, they offer a wide portfolio of products like My Landline, Connect SMEs and Office Plus.

For big accounts, the company works under the brand Orange Business Services, which commercialises with advanced services of landline and mobile telecommunications for the biggest companies and organisations in Spain. For the big companies, they count on the Giganet service to connect different offices with fibre optic.

Brand System

Orange hosts other telecommunication companies like Jazztel, Amena and Symyo. It's a house of brands system.

External strategic conditionals

There's a saturated market with MVNO in Spain. Most of them highlight how cheap their services are, how fast their connections work and the connectivity with the customer's environment.

The new identity should avoid these cliches.

Brand conceptualisation

Primary research

In order to provide a solution that makes a differentiation from the competition, the design is going to rely on primary research. A form was delivered in different groups of mainly young people between 18-35 across social media interested in technologies to see how Softonic is perceived in this demographic group. They had different scales where they had to choose what their general perception was of this brand.

The results are also shown below on a scale of semantic difference alongside with how generally speaking the competition is perceived.

The scale shows that Onic might make a difference by enhancing their seriousness instead of falling in the usual friendly tone of voices phone companies use, as it is perceived colder and premium as well. Another difference that can support this approach is the fact that they are surprisingly perceived as reliable instead of versatile, so a more traditional and serious approach should help re-positioning Softonic as Onic, a company of confidence.

Concept definition

The previous scale will be considered from now and on to build the visual identity, but there are other aspects to consider as well. In order to define the new brand of Onic, the values of Orange and the mission of Onic have been also considered. Analysing all those attributes of the brand, the concept can be summarised in the following sentence: "Onic provides a MVNO service to technophiles in a reliable environment with a clear tone helping them to feel confident".


- Confidence

- Reaffirmation of own personality
- Belonging to a group of technophiles


- Seriousness/"fake" premium-ness (as it is an MVNO and the idea is to keep the prices low)

- Reliability
- Clarity

Mission and why/how/what

Orange considers itself a brave company for trying out the things its competition won't try. Onic's mission consists in being the bridge between technology and the people. This MVNO will be designed for the technophiles to enjoy the latest technology through which they could express themselves.

Personality and positioning

Other adjectives that define them are honest, open, simple, direct, functional, and creative. The objective is to offer their clients an MVNO passionate about mobile technology.

If the new Onic were a person it would drive a Tesla, would work in something related to science in their favourite TV show would be Cosmos. It would be an enthusiast with the future and cares deeply about sustainability, which is not against loving cars. It has faith in that humanity can be better than it is and it is very critical with everything that surrounds it. It is very aware of what's going on in politics on a global scale (UN, NATO, etc) and is always aware of the latest news. They like to challenge common ways of thinking and status quo through logic and study.

Other brands that represent it: Apple (despite being very critical of them), Space X, The North Face, etc.

Target Audience profiling

1.- Dacian, 34. Paris, France.

Origins: Born and raised in Paris with a mixed background and with one brother. At the age of 18, he went to Harvard to study Astronomy.

Career: After graduating, he moved back to Paris to work as an astronomer. His salary is a little bit below than the rest of his fellow graduates but he is very happy with that position.

Family: He’s happily single and doesn’t have any plans of forming a family. He lives relatively close from his parents who he visits quite often.

Hobbies: He likes doing exercise counting all the calories he consumes and burns. He loves camping, hiking, and cycling, but he also enjoys other cultures, although he has what can be considered a standard western mindset.

Personality: Dacian is a person of science. If there are no facts to rely on, he’s not willing to consider a possibility. He is not the friendliest guy but people realise how nice he is when they spend time with him. He likes debating about all kinds of stuff and he likes to prove he is right every time he has a chance. He uses social media mainly to share content about technology and he likes to share pictures of him at events related to cars, phones or other kinds of tech.

Consumes: He has different apps for his hobbies as well as different devices to use these apps on. iWatch, iPad, Macbook, iPhone, etc. He likes to be up to date with trends

2.- Ezio, 23. Rome, Italy.

Origins: Ezio was raised in a medium-high class Italian family with another brother.

Career: He is studying animation and he would like to work for Pixar in the future.

Family: He loves his family but doesn’t spend too much time with them. His parents are always busy and he has a girlfriend and spends most of his time with her. He is the oldest son and has a younger brother.

Hobbies: His main hobby is to play video games and he also has an electronic music band. When he travels is to go party with their friends or girlfriend.

Personality: Ezio is a person who tries to cover the fact that he actually cares what others think of him, so sometimes he tries too hard to be different. Although, he has very clear what he likes and what he doesn’t like. He is an introvert and doesn’t always know how to behave in certain environments. He is not comfortable in weddings and the sort of events where he has to be in the same place with many people.

Consumes: Ezio buys the last iPhone whenever he can, which is not always. He likes to collect his old tech, like phones, game boys, Nintendo, all play stations, etc. He also likes to go to Comic Cons and other events to meet the celebrities from his favourite shows.

Concept Board

Concept definition

- Orange MVNO

- Technophile customers
- Reliable environment
- Clear communication


- Confidence

- Reaffirmation of own personality
- Belonging to a group of technophiles


- Seriousness/"fake" premium-ness (as it is an MVNO and the idea is to keep the prices low)

- Reliability
- Clarity


To become the MVNO of technology lovers

Personality and positioning

- Functional
- Rational
- Strict

Target Audience

- Gender: Masculine
- Geographic Area: Spain
- Habitat: Online
- Age: 20-35
- Social class: medium
- Psycho-graphic profile: Technophiles
- Leisure: video-games, sport, science
- Motivations: Being considered wise for knowing about technology and the decisions they make.

Creative axes

- Technophilia
- Rationality/logic
- Clarity

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