Saturday, 13 May 2017

Product Range Distribution: Presentation + Feedback

To make my point from the beginning I decided to start my presentation asking if anyone knew who Linda Denley was, since she is one of the greatest martial artists in history. She is in the Hall of fame with Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and has appeared in a bunch of movies.

After the presentation the feedback consisted mainly in focusing in specifics, not on resolutions yet. Also, something that could make a stronger point is using more examples of other unknown women. But over all, get into specifics: Is it about how the media portrays women in specific ways? It's important to make a point and back it up. But it's important to gather more empirical data, facts. For instance, is the FIFA ran by males? Also, someone mentioned that mass media is doing a better coverage of women's sports nowadays. The work should maybe focus on a specific sport or celebrity.

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