Saturday, 17 October 2015

Gentlemen of Letters

The other day we took 15 minutes of a session to watch the documentary Gentlemen of Letters.

I was stunned on how those designers were able to do something so geometrically perfect as those signs using a brush and freehand. It was also interesting to see how they were influenced by either their parents or other relatives that worked in the same kind of job, like an unnoticed heritage for everybody else.

It was also interesting to see what they considered a good work and a bad work. Those kinds of examples are making me aware of, for instance, over kerned logos or titles.

This documentary also made me discover the artist James Earley and his work, which I found stunning as it is difficult for me to find outstanding street art. There is another Spanish street studio ran by one artist I really like, called Sabotaje al montaje, which could be translated as "Sabotaging the set-up".

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