Saturday, 11 November 2017

Sara Acosta (External Collaboration) - Idea generation

Based on the research, we considered different platforms to give her photographs a context. Like a website that encapsulates a project, a series of posters or a publication. A publication that is cheap to produce, fits in a bag to be carried around to be given or mailed to clients at any time, seemed the most appropriate solution to this problem.

Based on the research, it was time to sketch out some ideas and these are some of the layouts I drew that will later be applied on the design.

After considering several sizes as it can be seen in all the publications explored in the research, 190x231 seemd a good size to keep the publication portable but with a touch of luxury. When the pages fall onto the forearm, there's a feel of exclusivity we were looking for.

The language was one of the points where Sara and I didn't agree upon. She wanted the publication in English so everyone could understand it, and I thought that was a great mistake considering the audience. It is not a publication based on information, but on photography. The text is only there to give context and support the images. Also, the publication aims to attract local businesses in Gran Canaria and international ambitious businessmen and women around the world. I argued that, if the publication is made in Spanish, local business owners will find it understandable and familiar, whilst internationals will find it exotic, different and something different to go for. There is no reason to for an ambitious business owner to go for what is accessible to everyone else. After my explanation, she agreed with me.

In short: the publication needs to be 'portable' and readable at any time. A book that is too big or has to lie flat for one to be able to manage is not what should be created here. It needs to be small, cheap but it has to feel luxurious. The right stock can have a good impact on this, as it has to be a publication that stands out by just lying on the desk of a business owner.

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