Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Objective posts

One of the reasons I could not reach the 1st class grade in the first module was because I was not as objective as I was expected to be. In order to improve this important skill, we the students have been recommended to rewrite one of our texts and make it objective. So then, I am going to rewrite the production slide of the Studio Brief 1 of OUGD403.

The first drafts of the design started being left-aligned, so the letters G and W were aligned, as most of the customers refers to 'Games Workshop' as GW. There was a problem with balance, so the shape was taken back from the original logo with the text centered, being also easier to recognise for customers. A tight kerning was used in this new approach, with enough space between letters to be also readable in smaller scales. Un-kerned text resulted in a massive space occupied by the word 'Workshop'. The letter 'R' had to be modified to keep the 'K' closer and avoid an unnecessary gap. The leg of the 'R' was also taen closer to the stem as an alternative solution to this problem, but it looked unstable.

Different colour palletes were tried, such as reds and yellows, to keep it similar to the logotype. But these colours were away from a metallic three dimensional logotype, and it made it look plastic, just like the original logo. On the other hand, golden colours represented power and impact that matched with the bevel and emboss, resulting in a golden metallic three-dimensional letters.

The whole process was remade in higher quality so the bevel and emboss effect could stand out more as well as the added symbols. The colour used for the letters was #978253 and the bevel and emboss effect was applied with hard chisel, very sharpen. The Age of Sigmar symbols was simplified for a simpler message.

The ligting was replicated from the original logo. The light comes from the top-left, projecting shadow on the bottom-right.

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