Saturday, 28 April 2018

Updating C. - Brief interpretation

This project presented itself as a great opportunity to make a good impression on the agency I want to work at. I decided not to post the name of the company on the blog or work with its name on it to avoid problems for the agency or myself, as some of the information they shared is delicate. On the blog posts, it will be used the initial letter C., while in the design boards the full name of the company.

C. is a company that manufactures a very popular soda in the Canary Islands. They have several problems in their communications. Their goals are very different: they want to increase their online presence, geographical presence in a certain area, to promote different flavours, update the brand and the frequency of their communications.

Each problem would deserve a separate brief and project, but this project is a good opportunity to mix up some of them a little bit and show some creativity to LEDF. The project will focus on an advertising campaign to promote their product in specific geographical areas using online platforms and flavours, increasing its coverage and expanding the popularity of other flavours. In doing so, the visual identity will be partially redefined (what needs to be done for this project) to match this new approach (cans, bottles, logo, etc).

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