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Updating C. - Idea Generation

If C. were my client, these issues would be tackle down one by one in order to provide real solutions for deep problems, but the purpose of this project is slightly different. Of course, it's important that LEDF sees how good I can be at solving these problems. But for them, it will be more interesting to have highlights of the solutions to the different problems. Also, there are important time limitations and lack of trustworthy information from the strategy.

Idea 1

A campaign of limited edition cans to promote each island. It would be a celebration of the islands, places and cities. Since the boat is an emblematic symbol of the brand, it could be represented as a ship sailing the sea going through the 7 islands with events, concerts, etc.

Idea 2

Digital website with a lab where users can design or propose their own flavours. This could also be done through a game that involves sharing on social media the kind of flavour you would like to be developed, like Walkers and other similar companies have done in the past.

Idea 3

Treasure hunting some kind of a "golden ticket" (like Willy Wonka's). The bottom of the cans could be golden, and it would encourage people to try out other flavours for more luck.

The third idea was the one taken forward. It would involve designing the logo, cans, bottles, Instagram, and landing page with instructions. This idea allows increasing possibilities in different places, at different times and through different flavours, with clues given through social media. People would win what's being promoted on the website/social media. In order to do so, they need to upload a picture using a specific hashtag. This would increase presence in the media used by the target audience, their influence, they would empower their cultural unique position, encourage the eccentric ones and increase sales in a specific place. And they don't even need to give something away in exchange of a picture in a place, they could just encourage their audiences from a specific place to take a picture, saying that they are being missed or something else.

It's been stated that they want something new, but it's important to do something that is not completely different or the customers will be confused. Humour can be used like in the past with an epic-pirate tone of voice

Many different taglines were tried out. Some of them might sound strange in English, but they make sense in Spanish. These were the most interesting ones based on eccentricity, pride, patriotism and provocative approaches:

- It's not for everyone.
- They won't get it.
- You know why
- It's lived
- Hard to explain

It's important that the design it's something young adults would like to carry around and feel cool with it.

This idea evolved into something else. The cans carry random symbols that clearly represent an important part of a municipality. It can be a monument, an element of nature, etc. The audience will be encouraged to share their moments by uploading a picture of a can with a specific symbol to Instagram with a hashtag and telling a good memory they have of that place (it can be a picture or a story), best ones will be shared by the C. official account. It's important to make the audiences feel their lives are interesting and desired by the ones that don't live there. These symbols can be hidden in the can or not so the customers have to buy the product to discover it. For example, the can could require being open in order to see the symbol that has (it can be hidden behind the lid) or it could be simply printed at the bottom with the expiring date. Some symbols will also be available in specific flavours to encourage buying something different.

The problem with the symbols is that it overcomplicates the activity. To simplify things, an approach like "C. moments" can encourage people to share pictures of them drinking the soda and the best ones will be published in the Instagram feed. Also, the Instagram stories will every once in a while give instructions on what to photograph (a place, a situation, etc) to give a better price.

In order to increase sales in a specific place, an appealing idea would be to raffle entries to a concert, access to backstage or dinner with a celebrity in a very specific place. To take part, participants would need to take pictures in a specific place following certain clues. A little game for people to have fun with. For example, give the coords of a place and say that taking a picture there while having a Clipper would make them take part of the competition. It won’t be like a city or an island, but small, like a building or a mall so a city can be repeated more times without being accused of favouritism.

This Pinterest board contains all the influences that have been found based on the strategy. Surf culture, Cuban, Californian and Hawaiian design, Black work, different typographic work, land pages, Golf promotions, Vans, Tyler the creator, Jaden Smith, etc. These inspirations will inform the graphic universe of C.

These are some of the images that most influenced the final outcomes:


Ship Mark by Lorena González @lorenagggil by logoinspirations

this is 100% original artwork vintage distressed retro surf poster ditch plains surf montauk new york hand screen printed 2 color design. ARTWORK SIZE IS 12"X18" PRINTED ON HEAVY COLD PRESSED ARTBOARD (VERY THICK) $24.99

Westbrook Brewing Co.

hotel california

80+ Idea to Custom Painted your Vans Shoes

Image result for tyler the creator

California hand written lettering with bear. Grunge texture. Typography tee print. Apparel design. Vector illustration. - stock vector

Coffee Doughnut Mockup — Photoshop PSD #psd mockup #food • Available here →

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