Saturday, 17 March 2018

LAU sustainability logo (Competition Brief) - Research

The research pointed out a few things that are important for the Sustainability Committee. The information was taken from several sources: university website, videos of the activities, etc.

A list of missions they want to achieve has been drawn in order to clearly point a direction for this project.

- Develop & enhance opportunities to reduce contamination.

- Teach sustainability.

- Graduates must be sustainability literates.

- Raise awareness about responsibilities.

- Encourage engagement.

- Share knowledge.

Other aspects that were noticed is that they have a welcoming, friendly and creative culture. Their users are young students and they use a positive and kind of rebel tone of voice, as they want to challenge the status quo. Their emotional benefits are the peace of mind of having done the right choice. They are the guardian angels that worry about the really important things.

LAU provides opportunities and activities to students in a creative environment with a positive voice helping them feel that they are doing the right thing. They are unique because they care about the important stuff.

These are some examples of logotypes that were influential in the final decisions of the design. Their common characteristic is that they are formed by elements of different structure that work together to communicate a message, just like recycling activities. Also, it's important to notice that these elements have been put together in such way that they send a positive message.

For visual research, books of swiss design were thoroughly studied to have clear layouts and yet convey a feel of mixture and variety. Also, many different visuals were found on the internet like the ones shown below.

Swiss designers like Helmut Schmid and Willi Kunz also were of great inspiration for the direction of this project. These are other pieces from Swiss design that affected the final outcomes.

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