Sunday, 16 April 2017

Collaborative work - Task 01 and Task 02

Task 01

_Define what is your motivation for undertaking your collaboration

Sometimes I feel a bit weak as a designer. Working in collaboration is a good opportunity to see how I work as a piece of the puzzle and how I can make work others ideas as well as see others working with mine. This becomes even more interesting when not only the discipline but the style is radically different. The outcomes are going to be without any doubt much more interesting.

_What methods of communication will you use and how often will you meet?

It's my intention to keep a minimum of 2 face-to-face meetings every week that serve as checkpoints. The work will be mostly done in isolation to leave everyone freedom, but strict deadlines will be set from meeting to meeting to keep everything under control.

_What skillsets does each member of your collaborative team bring

Vlad is an animator with an interesting dark and psychedelic style, absolutely different from mine, which tends to be clean and logical. This will be great to explore other ways of solving a problem.

Task 02

Complete the collaborative creative contact

A signed copy of the contract can be found in the folder. There's also a link available:

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