Sunday, 16 October 2016

Essay about Book considerations

Every book should answer a question

This is something I have probably already done, but not in the format of a question, although I think this new approach is easier and probably gives more ideas at the time to face a problem. In this instance, the question for my book would be: Why do I say originality doesn't exist?

Content should inform the concept, concept informs the form

Before reading this I knew that the content should inform the concept, but I was unaware that the concept informs the form. This is a more linear and easier way to understand the process, and it definitely simplifies the problem to be solved.

Don't over design

This can be summarised in one question: do we want our books to be about the content or about the books themselves? Now that I look at it that way I suppose that over-designing something could be an exercise of egocentrism... which is not very nice for the creators of the content and the people interested in it.

Embrace your ideas, don't be someone else.

A good piece of advise for self-confidence. I've seen this happening even with the biggest artists: they don't trust themselves and they tend to do what others do to feel more confident about their work. We stop being designers to be regurgitators... and I don't think this is what it is about.

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